Guangzhou Wegla Co. Ltd focuses on R & D and deals
with series of high quality gloves and related products,
which are widely applied in various working environment
such as computer, communication, electronics, chemical
engineering,home appliances, automotive, medical,
pharmaceutical, food, circuit boards, steel, glass and
other industries.

  Tel: +86-20-85553634
Address: Tianhe Industrial Park,
  Wegla has been the expert in product protection and
hand protection ever since its foundation, having done
very thorough research and deep understanding of the
relevant material application, various requirements on
working environment and ergonomics, and has provided
solutions in labor-protection and clean room supplies
with glove products at the core.
We are able to provide our customers with a full range of glove products as a professional
supplier of gloves, including sewing gloves, knitted gloves, coated gloves and leather gloves.
Our factory and OEMpartner factories provide a strong support in productivity, maximizing our
customer satisfaction with the leading production capacity and technical standards.
Meanwhile, Wegla is presenting our customers the ability behind the manufactured
products. We regard productivity and research as the independent expertise so that we learn
to use the most appropriate technology to meet with special industrial applications, and
transfer it to other manufacturers, so that we can provide the comprehensive services from
design to production by providing professional proposal and appropriate products according
to the customer process requirements, developing and producing new products specifically
for the special customer requirements besides conventional products.
Our goal is to help customers become the enterprise providing enormous satisfaction to
the global customers, shareholders and employees by reducingthe associated costs,
improving the working environment and work efficiency.
Service for the society. Contribute to boosting productivity, cost efficiency and accident reduction.