The automotive industry has a very long industrial
chain, covering the production, stamping, welding,
painting, general assembly and etc. of engine and other
spare parts. The production environment of each
process varies greatly, putting forward very high
requirements for labor protection and product protection.
      Guangzhou Wegla Co., Ltd. has conducted in-depth research on the production process
of each process. We will provide you our full range of gloves and labor protection solutions
with our experience and knowledge in ergonomic and material science so as to dismiss
your worry.

  Solution Overview

Problems encountered by customers
1.The hand is easily cut during production process of stamping and welding the vehicle
steel parts;
2.The painting workshop has high requirements on anti-static and clean room
environment, otherwise defective products will be produced;
3.The vehicle body is scratched easily during general assembly inspection;
4.It is strictly forbidden to have falling fiber contaminating the parts during the production
process of engine, clutch, gearbox and other parts, which will also scratch the parts easily;
5.The workers will access to high temperature, toxic or corrosive chemicals while
producing certain parts.

Function Description
We offer a full series of gloves and other labor protection supplies to provide the
comprehensive protection programs to workers from head to toe. We not only take the
glove protection effectiveness into account, but also the user’s wearing comfort, service life,
working environment requirements, product protection etc. We provide the most appropriate
product for each work position, including more than 20 professional cut-proof gloves.

Core benefits for customers
To protect the safety of workers
To prevent the occupational diseases
To improve employee satisfaction and productivity
To provide product protection and to reduce defective products
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