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    Guangzhou Wegla Co., Ltd. has a very thorough
research on electronic communication industry,
with our customers playing the leader roles in
industries such as electronic components, LCD,
and communication products. We listen to your
business and technical problems, paying great
      attention to the challenges and opportunities and we have conducted in-depth research on
each production process. We have tailor-made a set ofinnovative glove and articles solutions
for clean room for different products with our experience and knowledge in ergonomic and
material science.
  Solution Overview:

Problems encountered by customers
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  1.The dust and fiber falling from a variety of articles contaminates the products easily,
thus leading to defective products;
2. A comprehensive anti-static requirements;
3.The product is scratched easily;
4.Sharp products will be accessed in some work positions, resulting in cuts.

Function Description
We offer a full range of gloves and other articles for clean room. We not only take the
glove protection effectiveness into account, but also the user’s wearing comfort, service
life, working environment requirements, product protection etc. We provide the most
appropriate product for each work position.

Core benefits for customers:
To protect the safety of workers
To improve employee satisfaction and productivity
To provide product protection and to reduce defective products
To deliver a full range of anti-static articles for dust-free rooms quickly

Service for the society. Contribute to boosting productivity, cost efficiency and accident reduction.